For some women, intercourse is no longer the gratifying experience it is supposed to be, because they suffer from debilitating pain during sex. Most times they are uncertain about the reason for the problem, and in their search for answers  they ask their physician –  I’m having pain during sex; could I be having an allergic reaction to latex, spermicide or could it be something else?

Could pain during sex be due to an allergic reaction to latex or spermicide
Pain during sex not only causes women a lot of discomfort, it also has the potential to disrupt other areas of their lives. They may find that anything that touches the vaginal opening can trigger pain such as inserting tampons, wipping after urination, wearing tight jeans or getting vuvlar perspiration. While it is possible that you could have an allergic reaction to latex or spermicide, which is characterized by burning, itching, and painful irritation, these are very uncommon diagnoses so before assuminng this is the problem its appropriate to get evaluated by a vulvovaginal specialist.

Could there be another explanation for the pain
In most cases pain during sex is due to a condition known as vulvodynia. Vulvodynia is characterized by burning, rawness or stinging pain in the vulva region.  Vulvodynia often goes undiagnosed, because many gynecologists lack the training to properly diagnose and manage the condition. However, at Fowler Gyn International (FGI), Phoenix, AZ, they have the necessary tools to diagnose vulvodynia and treat the condition. They have treated thousands of women with success.

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