If you have loose vaginal muscles or you experience pain with intercourse, you may be a good candidate for laser vaginal rejuvenation.  There are various technologies now being used to perform the procedure, including the advanced CO2RE Intima. But just how does CO2RE Intima laser vaginal rejuvenation work.

CO2RE Intima
The CO2RE Intima is a CO2 laser treatment that is designed to rejuvenate vaginal or vulva tissue. The laser can be used to treat a variety of female issues especially those related to changes in the vaginal structures, due to aging and childbirth. These include loss of vaginal tone and sensation, recurrent infections, and vaginal dryness and itching. It can also be used to correct pigmentary changes in the vulvar area.

CO2RE is a painless, non-surgical, in-office procedure with no downtime. It typically requires 3 treatments spaced about 3 weeks apart to achieve the best results.

How the CO2RE Intima works
The CO2RE Intima has a sterile, single use handpiece.When used internally, thelaser energy targets the tissues of the mucosa or lining of the vagina.  This stimulates collagen, and as the vaginal tissue remodels the mucosa becomes tighter, and shape and flexibility is restored to the vagina. The CO2RE Intima also helps to bring back moisture to the vaginal canal.

When used externally, the CO2RE delivers energy to the labial and vulvar tissues, resulting in improved tone and texture.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation has become a popular option for women in recent years, for both medical and aesthetic reasons. It is an effective procedure that delivers long lasting relief.

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