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From the onset of his career at the Mayo Clinic, women with chronic vulvovaginitis presented to Dr. R. Stuart Fowler with high expectations, often viewing the Mayo Clinic as the sentinel of last hope. These patients had commonly seen a number of other physicians and were desperate for relief. This motivated Dr. Fowler to develop new diagnostic tools to solve the mystery behind these perplexing vaginal problems. In the early 90’s after consulting with a experts in the field, Dr. Fowler hypothesized that the flaw in the current diagnostic evaluation was the rudimentary method for the analysis of vaginal secretions known as wet preparations or wet mounts.  The technique was over a century old! Dr. Fowler began clinical observations and research using a phase-contrast microscope rather than the standard light microscope. As his techniques evolved over the years, he added new solutions, stains, and gradient slides to prepare the vaginal secretion for viewing. These techniques enabled delineation of the vaginal constituent’s present, as well as their relative concentrations. This culminated in Dr. Fowler’s discovery of a spectrum of altered vaginal micro-flora. Based on these findings, he formulated vaginal therapies directed to correct the abnormal vaginal micro-flora patterns in women who had chronic vaginal symptoms. Viola! For the first time, these women reported sustained relief of their vaginal symptoms! Scores of grateful women continue to be ecstatic about their results.

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