Will I ever get rid of vulvodynia?

Some women with vulvodynia sometimes face a huge challenge finding the help they need, because doctors often dismiss the pain as being psychological. This often leaves women with the condition so frustrated that they wonder – Will I ever get rid of vulvodynia.

Vulvodynia is a condition that is characterized by pain in the vulva region, which according to medical literature does not appear to have an identifiable cause. The pain is often described as burning or stabbing, and it affects common physical activities such as walking, sitting, and exercising. It also makes intercourse painful and uncomfortable and often even impossible. Vulvodynia affects women of different ages and ethnicities.

Will you ever get rid of vulvodynia?
It often takes a long time for women with vulvodynia to get a real diagnosis, and until that happens they won’t receive the treatment they need. Some women go for years without getting an accurate diagnosis, despite visits to various gynecologists and other specialists. This happens because most doctors simply don’t know how to treat vulvodynia, and there are also a lot of misconceptions about the condition.

The biggest hurdle in getting rid of vulvodynia is arriving at a proper diagnosis and finding a specialist that has numerous patients that have successfully responded to his/her treatment approach. Once a definitive diagnosis has been made, a customized treatment plan can be recommended if you have a provider with true expertise. Diagnosing vulvodynia is best carried out by a physician that has done the requisite research into the condition, and also has the expertise and advanced equipment needed to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

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