What to know about vulvar pain

Vulvar pain is a troubling and frustrating problem for some women, because they often don’t know the cause, and can’t get the relief they desire.  But what are some of the things you need to know about vulvar pain.

Here are 3 important things you need to know about vulvar pain:

1.    It has a name … Vulvar pain is known medically as vulvodynia. It is characterized by burning pain at the opening of the vagina. Other symptoms may include stinging, rawness, and pain with intercourse, exercise, tampon use, and exposure to things like perspiration and irritants in hygenic products. For some women the pain is so severe, they are not even able to sit for long periods.

1.    It can be accurately diagnosed … At Fowler Gyn International (FGI), located in Phoenix, Arizona, they use advanced diagnostic tools to test for vulvodynia. This includes a vaginal fluid analysis (VFA) test. The VFA test is done to assess the type and characteristics of the vaginal components. Alterations in the normal vaginal micro-flora are implicated in the etiology.

1.    It can be treated … The treatment available for vulvodynia at FGI is not a quick fix; it takes time on average 4-6 months. FGI has helped many women who were previously unable to find relief, overcome the condition. The treatment protocol prescribed is based on your specific hormonal status, and the findings of the VFA test, so the treatment won’t be the same for everyone.

Contact fowlergyninternational.com today where you can register to become a client and get on the road to recovery. Call (480) 420-4001 to speak with board certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, founder of FGI.

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