What Symptoms Can Be Associated with Vaginal Odor?

While feminine odor is not something most women like to talk about, it’s an issue that is worth paying attention to, because if the vaginal odor is ‘off,’ it’s often an indication of an underlying health problem. But what symptoms can be associated with vaginal odor and how is the condition treated.

What Symptoms Can Be Associated with Vaginal Odor?
When the vagina is healthy it generally has a slight, sweet odor, but if the odor becomes strong and unpleasant, it’s best to visit your gynecologist for treatment. If the vaginal odor persists despite treatment, further evaluation by a specialist in vulvovaginal conditions may be in necessary. That’s because an abnormal vaginal odor may be caused by an altered micro-flora pattern.

An altered micro-flora pattern is usually an indication of an overgrowth of the naturally occurring bad bacteria in the vagina. The vaginal odor may be linked to other symptoms such as burning, itching, soreness, and irritation. It may also be accompanied by an abnormal discharge that is yellow or yellowish-green in color. Often however the discharge remains whitish.

Treating vaginal odor
A vaginal fluid analysis (VFA) test is required to determine if there is in fact an altered vaginal micro-flora pattern that is contributing to the vaginal odor. Once this is confirmed, the gynecologist can recommend a treatment plan to replenish the good bacteria, and restore a healthy balance to the vaginal environment.

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