What Symptoms are attributed to Recurrent Bacterial Infections?

Do you have vaginal bacterial infections that keep coming back, even after you’ve taken the medication prescribed by your doctor. There are times when women may experience symptoms that are the same as those linked to a bacterial infection such as BV, but they have a different underlying cause.

Symptoms that are attributed to Recurrent Bacterial Infections
Symptoms of recurrent bacterial infections include burning, itching, pain with urination, vaginal discharge, and bad odor. These symptoms are often an indication of an unhealthy vaginal mucosa and/or unhealthy shift of vaginal microflora. The vagina is home to a variety of bacteria, most of which can be pathogenic or troublemaking. In healthy conditions, these are kept suppressed so they cause no harm. However, there are factors that can cause a shift in the normal vaginal microflora, and this can lead to the overgrowth of bad bacteria. This results in symptoms that are attributed to recurrent bacterial infections.

Treating the condition must first begin with an analysis of the vaginal fluid to determine the vaginal constituents present. Very few gynecologic practices offer this advance technique known as vaginal fluid analysis (VFA) test. The results indicate if there has in fact been a change in the normal vaginal microflora. This technique was developed and published in the medical literature by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler GYN International (FGI) in Phoenix Arizona. Women fly from all 50 states and 4 continents for appointments at FGI due to their expertise. You can reach FGI at fowlergyninternational.com, or by calling (480) 420-4001.

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