What could be causing my vaginal pain?

Vulva pain is one of the most difficult problems some women have to deal with, because the condition is not well understood by general gynecologists. What makes it even more frustrating is the fact that women are often unable to get relief, because the proper evaluation techniques are not being used.  So they often ask their doctor in desperation – What could be causing my vaginal pain?

Vulvodynia could be causing your vaginal pain
Unexplained vaginal pain is often linked to a condition known as vulvodynia. Common symptoms of vulvodynia include stinging, burning, rawness, and soreness at the vaginal opening. The pain is often so severe that it limits daily activities such as walking, sitting, exercise, types of clothes tolerated and particularily the amount of sexual activity.

How can you know if vulvodynia is the reason for your vaginal pain?
Getting an accurate diagnosis requires the right diagnostic tool, and at Fowler GYN International (FGI), they use the advanced Vaginal Fluid Analysis (VFA) test to do so. The VFA test provides a comprehensive analysis of the constituents of the vaginal microflora. They have a CLIA Certified Lab that enables them to do so.

The vaginal milieu consists of both good and bad bacteria strains, but when the vagina is in a healthy state, the good bacteria dominate. A shift in the normal microflora can alter the composition of the vaginal secretions, which can irritate the tissues, and cause vulvovaginal symptoms. The VFA test will help to identify if there is an alteration in the microflora pattern, so that a treatment protocol to restore balance can be recommended.

If you need treatment for vaginal pain, contact the experts in vaginal health at FGI, Phoenix, AZ. Call (480) 420-4001 today, to schedule a consultation with board certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler. You can also go online to fowlergyninternational.com/contact-us, and request a free pre-registration call.

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