What Causes Chronic Urinary Urgency?

Urinary urgency can be inconvenient to deal with, especially if it persists when you think you have gotten rid of it. The occasional incidence of urinary urgency can be expected, but if you are having repeated bouts, its best to visit a specialist to find out what’s the cause of your chronic urinary urgency that leads to urinary frequency in small amounts.

What Causes Chronic Urinary Urgency?

While urinary frequency and urgency are the classic symptoms of a urinary infection, sometimes the cause may lie elsewhere.

Urinary urgency can also be caused by irritation in the vestibule, which is the area at the opening of the vagina. Since the urethra, which connects the bladder to the outside opens into the vestibule, an irritation there can trigger the urethra, and lead to urgent and/or frequent urination. While the symptoms may seem like those of a urinary infection, they are actually caused by an irritant in the vestibule that has led to contact dermatitis of the vestibule.

In cases where it has been determined that urinary urgency is not due to complications related to the bladder, an altered vaginal microflora may be the source of the problem. This may occur because the vaginal secretions contain strains of bad bacteria and have changed from soothing to caustic secretions. Consequently, if the issues surrounding the vaginal microflora are not addressed, traditional treatments such as antibiotics may temporarily reduce the symptoms, but they will recur and lead to chronic urinary urgency.

Restoring balance to the vaginal microflora is the most effective way to treat chronic urinary urgency and or frequency linked to contact dermatitis.

Do you need help to treat chronic urinary urgency?

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