Vaginitis: What is it and Where to Get Treatment

If you have been experiencing vaginal pain, itching, or burning that you haven’t been able to get any answers for, you could have vaginitis. Some types of vaginitis are chronic, and the symptoms negatively affect the quality of life and cause feelings of anxiety and frustration. So, what exactly is vaginitis, and where can you get treatment?  

What Is Vaginitis?

Vaginitis refers to vaginal issues that cause symptoms such as burning pain, itching, odor, rawness, irritation, and inflammation. Most of these symptoms are the result of an altered vaginal microflora.

An altered vaginal microflora occurs because of changes in the balance of the vaginal microbiome. The changes can alter the composition of the vaginal secretions.

The vaginal microflora consists of a mix of friendly and hostile bacteria. When the vagina is in a healthy state, the friendly bacteria (lactobacilli) dominate the ecosystem. However, if the balance of the microbiome is upset, the harmful bacteria will multiply. The subsequent vaginal secretions irritate the vulvovaginal tissues and cause the symptoms associated with vaginitis. 

Where Can I Get Treatment for Vaginitis?

Treatment for vaginitis is available at Fowler GYN International (FGI). FGI was established by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, board-certified gynecologist and vulvovaginal specialist. 

FGI specializes in the treatment of select vulvovaginal conditions, including vulvodynia, lichens sclerosus, and chronic recurrent bladder infections without a urologic cause. They use advanced diagnostic techniques to diagnose and treat these chronic vulvovaginal conditions. 

FGI has helped thousands of women with vaginal symptoms that have gone undiagnosed regain vaginal health. The treatment program effectively addressed their symptoms and significantly improved their quality of life. FGI facilitates online and in-office appointments.

How Is Vaginitis Treated?

Vaginitis is treated using a customized protocol designed to restore balance to the vaginal microflora. At FGI, they perform a vaginal fluid analysis (VFA) test to determine the state of the vaginal microflora. 

The VFA test is an advanced diagnostic technique developed by Dr. Fowler. It delivers a quantitative analysis of the constituents of the vaginal fluid. 

If the VFA test confirms that an altered vaginal microflora is present, vaginal rejuvenate therapy is used to restore balance. This treatment protocol combines medications and hypocontactant skincare products. The medications included will depend on the results of the VFA test.

The use of hypocontactant skincare products is recommended for women with vaginitis as they often have sensitive external genital tissues. The tissues can be easily irritated by the chemicals and fragrances in soaps, douches, bubble baths, and hygiene products. This can lead to a condition known as contact dermatitis.

Hypocontactant skincare products don’t contain dyes, fragrances, or detergents that can irritate the skin. Keeping irritants to a minimum is essential in preventing vulvovaginal symptoms such as itching, soreness, and irritation. FGI recommends the FeminaRx Pure SkinCare Collection to patients with these symptoms. 

FeminaRx Pure SkinCare Collection

The FeminaRx Pure Skincare Collection is the ideal combination of skincare products for women with sensitive external genital tissues. The collection was put together by Dr. Fowler, after many years of clinical practice and observations. 

FeminaRx helps to keep the labial folds free of secretions. The collection includes – hypocontactant soap, moisturizing skin lotion, astringent genital skin rinse, vaginal lubricant for intercourse, a labial emollient, and shaving cream for the genital area.

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