Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening: What You Need To Know

Two of the main factors causing dryness and a loss of elasticity in the vagina are menopause and childbirth. If you are amongst the thousands of women who have noticed a looser feeling in your vagina post-partum, or you are prone to recurrent infections, then you have likely contemplated vaginal rejuvenation as a solution.

Since the introduction of laser technologies such as FemiLift for vaginal tightening, it is no longer necessary to go through a costly surgical Vaginoplasty, with downtime lasting up to six weeks (during which time intercourse is not allowed) as well as experiencing substantial discomfort in the feminine region.

FemiLift is an outpatient procedure and uses innovative laser technology, which results in a noticeably tighter vagina even after the first treatment. It is virtually painless and there is zero recovery time afterwards, as well as being safe and highly effective.

The Procedure
The FemiLift laser technology yields maximum precision using the Alma CO2 laser. A combination of the right wavelength and perfect pulse means that this gentle treatment ensures accuracy and safety, giving your technician complete control of the laser probe, which features 360-degree rotation. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes, after which time you can return to normal activity, which includes sexual intercourse.

Femilift VS Vaginoplasty
Any invasive surgery is accompanied by risks, namely excessive bleeding and infection. Not to mention the effect that the recovery time has on your daily life. An inpatient hospital procedure means taking time off work and denting your finances quite substantially. If you are considering vaginal tightening, then your best option to start with, is to explore the non-surgical route. A reputable clinic will be willing to give you all of the essential information you need to make your decision.

Vaginal tightening has successfully restored the confidence of many women to date and it provides the most effective and efficient solution to restoring tightness in the vagina, therefore improving your overall quality of life. Remember, research is always recommended for a successful treatment. To find out more about vaginal rejuvenation in Florida, contact the center for Urogynecolgy and advanced Laparoscopic surgery or simply call us at(305) 665-2060.

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