I’ve been dealing with a female issue for a while, but I’m too embarrassed to go to a clinic… Is there another option?

Many women with vaginal issues often shy away from going to the doctor or clinic, preferring instead to leave the condition untreated until it becomes unbearable. Intimate problems such as vaginal irritation, itching, burning, dryness and pain with intercourse, are subjects some women feel nervous about discussing, and they often ask – I’ve been dealing with an issue for a while, but I’m too embarrassed to go to a clinic… Is there another option?

Fowler GYN International (FGI), is aware that some women are uncomfortable discussing vaginal issues with medical professionals, so they have come up with another option. They created an eChat resource on their website which lists the contact information of some of their patients. These women have generously volunteered their time, to speak with other women struggling with vulvovaginal conditions.

Women often feel more confident and are willing to open up, when they are able to discuss these concerns with women who have had similar experiences. The eChat feature offers potential clients the opportunity to have frank discussions with actual patients who have gone through the treatment process with FGI.

Those women still suffering with various vulvovaginal conditions will then understand that it is possible to gain relief, so they don’t have to live with their symptoms. Direct communication with other FGI patients will also assist in alleviating any fears and concerns potential patients may have.

Contact FGI, Phoenix, AZ, by calling 480-420-4001 to schedule an appointment. You can also go online to www.fowlergyninternational.com/echat for more information.

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