Is laser vaginal tightening safe?

Like all of the organs in the body, the vagina and vulva are not exempt from the natural aging process, particularly during menopause. The female organs are particularly influenced by a significant decrease in the production of estrogen. The majority of women also experience vaginal laxity after having children, which not affects their sex life, but also their emotional and mental well-being. Until recent years, the main viable answer for treating vaginal laxity was a surgical labiaplasty or vaginoplasty. However, there is now an easy way to restore the vagina to its youthful state through laser vaginal tightening.

Presenting FemiLift for safe laser vaginal tightening

FemiLift has achieved FDA-clearance as it is clinically proven to be one of the safest vaginal laser treatments today. There is practically zero risk to the patient, hence why it consistently receives a high patient satisfaction level. The immediate benefits of treatment are numerous, including:

•    A tighter feeling vagina
•    More sensitivity
•    Enhanced sexual gratification
•    Increased lubrication
•    Fewer recurrent infections

Does it hurt?

The FemiLift treatment is virtually painless and the treatment only takes 30 minutes. There is no hospitalization required or downtime associated with the procedure. A slender probe is inserted into the vagina by one of our experienced practitioners and ultra-short pulses of laser energy are delivered to the targeted areas to restore strength and tightness in the vaginal area. This kick starts the generation of collagen and elastin through warming of the responsible cells, resulting in new, healthy vaginal tissue.

Are there are side effects?

The side effects following treatment are minimal and short lived. They can include a light spotting or watery discharge for up to 48 hours after the procedure. It is advisable to go without penetrative intercourse for 5 days, so you can experience optimal results and benefits.

For more information about how the FemiLift treatment can help restore your vagina to its youthful state contact ReNew You MD in Houston, TX by calling 713-766-5846 or visit

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