Is discoloration a symptom of poor vaginal health?

If you’re like most women, chances are you don’t realize the importance of vaginal health until you have a problem ‘down there.’ However, if you notice any abnormal discharge, itching, or burning, these are all warning signs that something has gone wrong, so be sure to consult with your gynecologist. But is discoloration also a symptom of poor vaginal health.

Is discoloration a symptom of poor vaginal health?
When the vagina is in good health it should be free of infections, and have a clear discharge to help keep it clean. But, there should be no odor, irritation, or discoloration. Any whitening or hypopigmentation is considered abnormal.

Why the vaginal tissue may become discolored
Discoloration of the vaginal tissue is very often caused by a condition known as lichen sclerosus. When present in women and girls, lichen sclerosus affects the vulva, which is the outer part of the vagina. The skin disorder is characterized by patches of pale skin, which is also thin and crinkled.

Medical researchers are not sure what causes lichen sclerosus, but it has been linked to an overactive immune system. The condition cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be effectively managed.

If you are bothered by discoloration in the vaginal area, contact Fowler GYN International (FGI), Paradise Valley, AZ for assistance. FGI specializes in treating chronic vulvovaginal conditions such as lichen sclerosus.

The FGI treatment protocol for lichen sclerosus involves the initial use of high potency topical corticosteroids. However, it may take several months before there is any noticeable improvement in symptoms. We also recommend a maintenance treatment that involves the use of low potency corticosteroids.

Contact FGI at (480) 420-4001, to set up a consultation with board certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler.

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