How To Safely Treat Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence in women is far more common than you would imagine. Over 20 million females struggle with the embarrassing symptoms of urinary incontinence (commonly referred to as SUI) in the United States and up until recently, they would be forced to either undergo a painful surgery, or suffer in silence. There are several reasons contributing to the onset of SUI- the most common ones being the natural ageing process and childbirth. When the muscles responsible for supporting the urethra loosen, even normal occurrences like sneezing, laughing or even bending down can put pressure on the bladder, resulting in the involuntary release of urine.

The symptoms of urinary incontinence are not just physiological they are also emotional. Having to carry feelings of shame and embarrassment every day causes the majority of women suffering from SUI to withdraw from social activity, which can be incredibly damaging to one´s self-esteem, happiness and sexual confidence. Thanks to Alma laser’s innovative new technology, there is now a fast and safe solution.

FemiLift for the effective treatment of urinary incontinence.

The FDA-approved FemiLift laser treatment has been proven to alleviate symptoms of SUI, producing marked results after the very first session. The C02 pixel laser strengthens the vaginal walls through deep thermal heating, which in turn results in the enhanced support of the urethra. Although most female patients seek laser treatment primarily for vaginal tightening, it is also an effective way to treat SUI. As the embarrassing symptoms of urinary continence disappear, so do the accompanying unpleasant feelings of shame. Only a few weeks after starting treatment, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of leading a normal, happy life once again.

The FemiLift treatment is performed by our board certified OB/GYN physician Dr. Leslie Apgar at the PuraVida Medspa and Cosmetic Center in Fulton, MD. Whilst one session is enough to yield powerful results, we recommend a total of three treatments to ensure patient satisfaction and longevity. The FemiLift is a painless procedure, requiring no anesthetic and is each session is completed in under 30 minutes, meaning you won´t have to take time off work. Normal activity can be resumed immediately after, although abstaining from sexual intercourse for a period of 5 days is suggested (learn more).

If you would like to schedule your free consultation at our state of the art clinic greater Baltimore and Washington, D.C. metro area, then please call us today at (301) 604-8432.

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