How to know when I can be fixed without vaginal surgery?

There are a variety of different vaginal concerns that can affect women, but most of them can be fixed without surgery. Since many women are willing to go with a non-surgical solution whenever possible, they are often interested in finding out how to do so when some providers are recommending surgery.

The non- surgery vaginal treatment options
Whether or not you need surgery for your vaginal issue will depend on the specific problem you’re having. Vaginal surgery is most often used to correct problems relating to the structure or function of the vagina. In most other cases vaginal issues can be treated using non-surgical methods. Going the non-surgical route is usually preferred because it is generally a safer option, which does not carry any of the risks and complications normally associated with surgery such as anesthesia, scarring, change in anatomy; none of these occur with non-surgical options (read more).

It’s important to note that some of the vulvovaginal conditions such as vulvodynia, vaginal atrophy, and pain with intercourse due to vaginal tightness can all be treated using non-surgical techniques. Newer surgical techniques including Fractional CO2 laser have been widely advertised for these indications. The problem is that the practitioners who advocate this technique have their mouths wide open for money and their results are very near sighted. Much of the followup on the studies are only out to 2-3 months. Also specialists are now seeing patients who had relief of symptoms by this modality for several months but are now relapsing. The story may prove similar the surgical approach for the subtype of vulvodynia known as vulvar vestibulitis. The results at 6 months looks very favorable with relief of vulvar pain in over 82%, but the percentage of relapse thereafter makes it less than a desirable approach.

If you having one of the troubling vaginal issues above, it’s best to look for a gynecologist that is knowledgeable about these conditions who offers a non-surgical option for treatment. This is a specialty of board certified gynecologist, Dr. R. Stuart Fowler with Fowler Gyn International. You can reach him at or by calling (480) 420-4001.


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