How to choose the best gynecologist

If you need to visit a gynecologist, it is important to choose one you can trust.  Seeing a doctor about reproductive care is a critical aspect of overall health, but you want to ensure that the gynecologist you choose is knowledgeable, experienced, and makes you feel comfortable.

A gynecologist is a physician that specializes in the treatment of conditions related to women’s health, in particular, issues surrounding vaginal health and the reproductive system.   

How to choose the best gynecologist

Choose a gynecologist that has several years’ experience, and specializes in the treatment of vulvovaginal conditions.  This is important, because vaginal conditions are often misdiagnosed, because some gynecologists do not have the necessary training in managing vulvovaginal conditions.   However, gynecologists that specialize in vulvovaginal health are generally able to recognize the symptoms of these syndromes, make an accurate diagnosis, and recommend effective treatment.  

Diagnosing some vulvovaginal conditions often requires the use of advanced diagnostic tools.  Unfortunately, many gynecologists are unwilling to make the necessary investment in these types of equipment.  As a result, they are unable to accurately diagnose some vaginal syndromes.  It’s therefore essential to choose a gynecologist that uses advanced diagnostic tools that can enhance their analytical capability.  

It is also crucial to choose a gynecologist that has a proven track record in research.  Gynecologists that conduct quantitative and qualitative research generally obtain deeper insight into the causes of vulvovaginal conditions, and are therefore able to recommend more effective treatment options.    

Any gynecologist you choose should have certification from an examining body, such as the American Board of Gynecologists (ABOG).

Are you looking for a gynecologist to help with a chronic vaginal condition?  Contact Dr. R. Stuart Fowler of Fowler GYN International for a consultation.  Dr. Fowler is a board certified gynecologist, and an expert in vaginal conditions.  

You can reach Dr. Fowler at, or by calling (480) 420-4001.

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