How Long Will I Be Affected with Vulvodynia?

If you’ve been diagnosed with vulvodynia, you may be somewhat frustrated by the uncertainty surrounding the treatment timeline.  Vulvodynia is a painful condition that can disrupt everyday life.  So chances are you’re wondering  – How long will I be affected with vulvodynia?

How Long Will I Be Affected With Vulvodynia?

When it comes to treating vulvodynia, it is critical to consult with a vulvovaginal specialist who has successfully treated many women with the condition.  This is essential because accurately diagnosing and treating vulvodynia requires the use of precise diagnostic equipment and advanced skills.  Unfortunately, some gynecologists don’t have the necessary equipment or skill-set. 

Without proper diagnosis and treatment, the symptoms of vulvodynia can persist for several years.  Women with vulvodynia often have difficulty getting a correct diagnosis because the doctors they visit often don’t know enough about the condition.  As a result, they end up treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause. 

Treating Vulvodynia

The underlying cause of vulvodynia is an altered microflora pattern.  Effective treatment should therefore focus on resolving the imbalance that exists in the vaginal ecosystem.  Vulvodynia can be diagnosed with the help of a vaginal fluid analysis (VFA) test.  The VFA test identifies the vaginal constituents to determine if the microflora is in an altered state.  Once the information from the VFA test is evaluated, a customized treatment protocol is designed to restore balance to the vaginal microflora. 

The treatment protocol for vulvodynia involves a combination of medications and hypocontactant skincare products.  Patients can expect to see an improvement in symptoms after about 4 months, but it can take anywhere from 8-12 months for the symptoms of vulvodynia to resolve completely. 

Recovery times for vulvodynia won’t be the same for every patient because it depends on how quickly the microflora responds to treatment.

Contact the experts in vaginal care at Fowler GYN International (FGI), Phoenix, AZ for a consultation. Dr Fowler is a former consultant in Gynecology at Mayo Clinic. He is board certified in Gynecology and created this organization to handle difficult vulvovaginal cases.

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