Does laser vaginal tightening hurt?

It is a well-known factor that multiple births, or even just one baby, cancause vaginal laxity. While the large majority of women swear by Kegalexercises or even undergoing a vaginoplasty, many more are turning to laser vaginal tightening.

As with most medical procedures, the most frequent question asked with regards to laser tightening is “does it hurt?” Conflicting opinions may deter some patients from treatment so it is always important to know the facts before undergoing any kind of procedure.

Is laser vaginal tightening painful?

When it comes to laser procedures for vaginal tightening, the pain factor will depend on the technology used. At Mountain West Dermatology and Aesthetics our product of choice is the FDA-approved FemiLiftlaser, which is minimally invasive, entirely safe and best of all, totally painless.

The FemiLift uses CO2 pixel laser technology to heat the cells responsible for the production of collagen and elastin in the vagina. Once the regeneration of healthy tissue has taken place, the result is restored tightness and enhanced sensation. The only thing most patients feel is the sensation of the slender laser probe being inserted into their vagina.

Where is treatment performed?

All treatments are performed in consult at our Colorado clinic. Because there is no pain or downtime associated with FemiLift treatments, your session will take less than thirty minutes. After this time, you are free to return to normal activity as per usual. No anesthetic is required and there are also no major side effects following treatment.

If you would like to find out more about laser vaginal tightening or you want to schedule a free consultation, please call us today at (970) 242-7273.

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