Could lubricant be causing my Vulvovaginal Symptoms?

Are you bothered by pain, irritation, itching and soreness in the vulva? You are not alone, as there are other women who suffer with similar vulvovaginal symptoms, but they are unsure of the cause. However, research indicates that these symptoms are often linked to common products such as hygenic products. Could hygenic products such as soap, detergents, body rinses, lotions, shampoo and conditioners be causing your vulvovaginal symptoms?

Could hygenic products be causing your vulvovaginal symptoms?
The vulvovaginal symptoms described above are related to a condition known as vulvodynia. Some cases of vulvodynia, can be brought on by sensitivity to the chemicals and other ingredients in common hygenic products. So it is possible that your beloved products could be causing your vulvodynia symptoms.

If you have vulvovaginal symptoms that have gone unresolved for a long time despite visits to your gynecologist and other specialists, contact Fowler Gyn International (FGI) for help.

FGI are specialists in vaginal health, and have the advanced diagnostic tools needed to accurately diagnose your condition. They can customize a treatment plan to relieve your vulvovaginal symptoms.

Help for vulvovaginal symptoms
FGI recommends a collection of hypocontactant feminine hygiene products for your sensitive skin. Over 20 years the list was refined. Now known as the FeminaRx Pure Skin Care Collection it is available online on the FGI website FowlerGyn

FeminaRx consists of hypocontactant soap, moisturizing skin lotion, water-based vaginal lubricant, astringent skin rinse for the external vaginal area, labial emollient, and shaving cream for the genital area.

Women, who previously had vulvovaginal symptoms brought on by the effects of  the chemical irritants in hygenic products, have experienced significant relief thanks to FeminaRx. If you are suffering with vulvovaginal symptoms, contact FGI for a consultation. Call us today at (480) 420-4001 or visit

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