Could certain medication make it painful to have intercourse?

If intercourse has become painful for you, don’t think you’re alone, because pain during sex is a problem for many women. The condition should never be dismissed, as it is usually a sign that somrthing could be fixed. Finding out the ultimate cause may have you asking a few questions along the way such as, ‘Could certain medication I’m taking make it painful to have intercourse?’

Could medication be causing your painful intercourse?

The reality is that birth control pills or the equivalent meaning the patch or ring can dry out vaginal tissues and lead to painful intercourse. Clinical observation has confirmed that a very small percentage of women on combination hormonal contraception experience vaginal dryness depite being flooded with estrogen. The problem is that the synthetic estrogen known as ethinyl estradiol does not seem to stimulate the natural 17-beta estradiol estrogen receptors in the vaginal mucosa. Consequently , the vagina becomes atrophic similar to a woman who has gone thru menopause.

How do you get the problem fixed?

Changing birth control pillls does not help because all the pills use the same synthetic estrogen. The solution can be as easy as going off combination hormonal birth control and using another contraceptive method that allows the ovaries to resume their normal secretion od natural estrogen. However, sometimes the vaginal needs a boost of vaginal nutrients to recover and then there are other women who need to stay on hormonal combination birth control pills for reasons other than contraception such as painful periods or regulation of irregular periods. For these women it’s better for them to stay on the pill and override its effects with other medications topically applied to the vagina. Most gynecologists are not familar with this approach so you should visit a specialist in women’s vaginal health who is equipped with the necessary diagnostic equipment needed to provide a proper diagnosis. Without this, finding a suitable remedy is difficult. While the pill can be the culprit, there are a number of other causes of pain with intercourse so that a proper evaluation is imperative for the best outcome.

Fowler GYN International

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