Can recurrent vaginal bacterial infections be causing my UTI’s?

Most women have the occasional urinary tract infection (UTI), but infections that keep coming back should always be checked. UTI’s often occur alongside recurrent vaginal bacterial infections, and so some women ask the question – ‘Can recurrent vaginal bacterial infections have anything to do with my UTI’s?’

Urinary tract infections
UTI’s are usually characterized by a frequency and urgency to urinate, which is often accompanied by burning, and painful urination. UTI’s are caused by a bacterial infection. However, they can also be the result of recurrent vaginal bacterial infections. Let’s take a look at how this can happen.

UTI’s and recurrent vaginal bacterial infections
Recurrent vaginal bacterial infections are often a manifestation of altered vaginal micro-flora pattern. The environs of the vagina contain a mix of bacteria that contribute to overall vaginal health. However, if there is a shift in the vaginal milieu, the secretions that normally bathe the vaginal walls can become a source of infection. In otherwords, pathogenic bacteria do inhabit the vagina. Generally the  good bacteria known as lactobacilli dominate which secrete hydrogen peroxide, lactic acid and a host of peroxidases that suppress the pathogenic bacteria keeping them in low concentration where they usually cause no harm. But it the lactobacilli do not thrive the 30+ other bacteria that normally inhabit the vah=gina in low concentrations that over. These include E. Coli, Klebsiella, and Pseudomonas which are the leading three bacteria that cause bladder infections or UTI’s.

The urethra is the tube that extends from the bladder to the vagina, and opens up in its front wall. If there is increased concentration of pathogenic bacteria, there is every possibility that the bacteria responsible for the UTI enters the opening of the urethra. When this happens, it can multiply and migrate up the urethra, entering the blabber, resulting in a UTI.

At Fowler GYN International (FGI), they conduct a comprehensive analysis of the vaginal fluid to determine the cause of recurrent UTI; in many cases it is found indeed to be the presence of altered vaginal micro-flora.  Based on the findings of the vaginal fluid analysis test, FGI providers tailor a treatment protocol that includes vaginal rejuvenate therapy, in order to restore balance to the vaginal microflora with good success in resolving recurrent bladder infections.

Are you having a problem with recurring UTIs? Contact us here at FGI, Phoenix, AZ, to learn more about our treatment options. All potential clients register online at, or call (480) 420-4001 to book a consultation with Dr. R. Stuart Fowler.

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