Are there better hygiene products to use in presence of vulvar symptoms?

There are several vulvar conditions which have a range of triggers, including  normal feminine hygiene products.  This connection has caused some women to ask they physician – Are there better hygiene products to use in the presence of vulvar symptoms?

Hygiene products and vulvovaginal health
While undergoing treatment for vulvar issues such as vulvodynia or recurrent bacterial or vaginal yeast infections, specialisit such as those at Fowler Gyn International (FGI) recommend that you use hypoallergenic or hypocontactant hygiene products.

This is important to the success of treatment, because many of the common hygiene products including soaps, body washes, detergents, lotions, shampoos and conditioners are filled with chemicals which can be irritants. These ingredients can exacerbate the symptoms caused by a problem being caused by another etiology. The irritants in common feminine hygiene products can lead to a range of symptoms such as irritation, soreness, burning, itching, redness and swelling.

FeminaRx Pure Skin Care Collection
When being treated for a vulvovaginal concern, it’s important to reduce your risk of  potentiating irritants by careful selection of your hygenic products. FGI endorses a well proven collection known as the FeminaRx Pure Skin Care Collection, available as a group on

FGI is a company that is committed to helping women with problematic vulvovaginal issues. With this in mind, board certified gynecologist Dr. R. Stuart Fowler developed the FeminaRx Collection for women with sensitive genital skin.

Contact FGI today to learn more about your vulvovaginal health care products. Call us at  480-420-4001 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Fowler, or you can visit us online at

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