Are there Any Side Effects to laser vaginal rejuvenation?

If you are experiencing feminine issues such as vaginal laxity or recurrent infections, laser vaginal rejuvenation can make a huge difference. Several studies have been carried out detailing the multiple benefits of using laser technology to tighten the vaginal tissues, but are there any side effects to laser vaginal rejuvenation.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation has become incredibly popular within the last few years because it’s quick, pain-free, and requires no downtime. FemiLift is one of the most innovative vaginal rejuvenationtechnologies now available.

FemiLift is an FDA approved vaginal rejuvenation treatment that uses fractional CO2 laser energy to resurface the vaginal tissue.The loss of elasticity in the vaginal tissue is a side-effect of the decline in the collagen fibers over time. FemiLift strengthens the existing collagen, and also encourages new collagen growth.

FemiLift treatment is performed over a course of 3 sessions, which are spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. The results typically last 12-18 months, and an annual follow-up treatment is recommended.

Are there Any Side Effects to laser vaginal rejuvenation?
FemiLift is a very safe procedure that is cleared for treating a range of feminine indications includingvaginal laxity, pain with intercourse, vaginal dryness, and stress urinary incontinence.

There have been no major side-effects reported in relation to vaginal rejuvenation treatment. Some patients may experience a mild vaginal discharge that lasts for 1-2 days, but this does not prevent them from resuming normal activities immediately after treatment.

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